Isobar Science Sample Submission Guide

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How to Send Samples

1. Prepare Samples

Please read our recommendations on handling, container and sample size before preparing samples for these isotopic analyses:

Boron Lead Strontium U-Th Dating

Note: Our sample size recommendations are not requirements, they are general guidelines. Contact us for minimum quantities.

2. Submit Data Sheet

Please register in our Customer Area to submit your online sample submission form.

3. Package Samples and ship to Recommended Address

Contact us for​​ shipping ​instructions for your region ​​before sending your samples.

For solid samples, use small boxes instead of envelopes to protect samples from being crushed during shipment.

Submit water samples in a box. Place the bottles inside a plastic bag and seal the bag with a zip-tie or duct tape. Note: The maximum sample size requirement is 125 mL.

Please use a tracked mail service or courier and email the tracking number to

Reminder: Our quoted turnaround time starts the following day of receipt at the Miami laboratory, excluding weekends.

Isobar’s Policy on Excess Samples Storage

Isobar will discard excess sample material after two months. If you require the return of any unused original or pretreated excess sample materials, please provide a paid return label or pay in advance the FedEx flat rate fee ($50 USD for Domestic; $125 USD for International).

Note: Isobar cannot return soil/sediment samples.

Page last updated: February 2024