The lab is currently operating as usual and following the safety recommendations from the government in Florida. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure employee safety. Due to these unprecedented times, the situation may change at any moment, and we encourage you to contact us before sending your samples so we can recommend you the best way to proceed. Shipping from Europe - Please contact us before sending your samples to a forwarding office.

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Beta Analytic

High-quality radiocarbon dating, biobased content testing, and stable isotope laboratory

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A focus on isotopic ratios, water analysis, and radiocarbon dating

StrontiumStrontium Isotopic Ratios

87Sr/86Sr is widely used in geochemical fingerprinting, source tracking, contamination prediction, and migration studies.

Uranium ThoriumUranium-Thorium Dating

A radiometric dating technique to determine the age of carbonate material.

BoronBoron Isotopes

Boron isotopes are used in geochemical fingerprinting, source tracking, contamination prediction, global carbon cycles, and ocean circulation studies.

radiogenic isotopes strontium, neodymium, and hafniumSr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Ratios

Sr-Nd-Hf radiogenic isotopic ratios are widely used in the fields of solid earth and earth system sciences for geochemical fingerprinting.

LeadLead Isotopes

Lead isotopes are used for solid earth geochemistry and petrology, geochemical fingerprinting, contaminant source tracing, forensics, and archaeological studies.

LeadWater Analysis

Radiocarbon dating, stable isotope analysis, isotopic fingerprinting, and nutrient source tracking services for hydrological studies.