Frequently Asked Questions on Boron Isotopes

1. What is the minimum boron concentration for a water sample to be considered for this analysis?

Only samples with boron concentrations of 10 ppb or higher can be considered for boron isotopic analysis. 

2. What if the submitted samples are not suitable for this analysis?

If the boron concentrations of the samples are too low, we will only charge for the concentration screening.

3. If water samples have been acidified, can they be sent for boron analysis?

Once chemicals have been added to the samples, the chemistry of the samples have been changed, and the effect of those chemicals on our extraction chromatography is not known. Also, we do not know if the chemicals contain traces of boron or not. Since we conduct these analyses in a boron-free environment, we would not be able to accept those samples.

4. Are the boron concentrations available as well?

Yes, these can be provided in conjunction with the boron isotopic analysis for an additional fee. For more information, please contact us.

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