Note: Isobar requires a sample minimum for Nd and Hf isotope analysis. Please contact us for details prior to submitting samples for Nd and Hf isotopes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopic Ratios

1. Can you measure Nd or Hf isotopic ratios on their own?

Yes, we can accommodate any combination of these isotopic values.

2. What are the sample size requirements for Nd and Hf?

Visit our Sample Types page for information on material that can be analyzed, sample size requirements, and recommendations on how to prepare samples for analysis.

3. Is Nd and Hf one process or can the procedures be separately performed?

We separate Nd, and Hf from the sample and analyze them separately. The report includes three individual numbers for each isotope. It is possible to measure just one or two of the isotopes: e.g. Nd and Hf, or Nd alone.

4. What precision does Nd yield?

The neodymium isotope method uncertainty of JNd standard solution is ±0.000002 (95% CI) for 143Nd/144Nd.